Cirrus is an IoT home monitoring device, which allows users to unlock multiple doors and other locked objects with a wearable ring. This product-ecosystem includes the ring which acts as a master key, a mobile app, and specialized locks.

Project Brief

The requirement of this project was to craft an overall experience for the end user, not only in the digital form but in the physical as well.


The challenge was to lead users to actions that advanced the experience and narrative.


Students were asked to choose to design a home monitoring device, a boxed food experience, or a modification for personal mobility.

Digital Prototype

Basic user workflows for the app experience

Final Video Deliverable

Project Information


Class: Behavior​

Instructor: Peter Stahl

Duration: Four weeks

Key Skills: Video production, storyboarding, writing, design research, visual design, digital prototyping, and physical prototyping​


Tools & Materials: Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, video camera, hole saw, spray paint, foam, tungsten, and aluminum

Project Role: Individual project

  • Physical materials that constitute the envisioned experience, manifesting in a high-fidelity prototype that looks and feels like a finished product.


  • An on-screen prototype that navigates users through an out-of-box-experience narrative.

  • A short video (1-2 minutes) that documents the final envisioned experience and how it facilitates desired behavior change. This will serve as a stand-alone communication of the value of the design.

Design Research

Interviews, Insights, and Opportunities 

Prior to prototyping, I interviewed 39 individuals and had them tell me about their daily interactions with their keys. I wanted to know how they used them on a regular basis to help gain some insight into their points of frustration and delight.

After categorizing key insights and grouping them, I entered them into a spreadsheet by their respective classifications, which included:

  • Relationship and interaction between keys

  • Enjoyable aspects

  • Pain points

  • Desired changes


Affinity mapping insights gained from participants


Insights categorized

Summary of Qualitative Data

Physical Prototype

The tangible deliverable of this experience complete with packaging



Concept for the video


Initial wireframes for the app workflow


Various artifacts from the different stages of the project

Gathered images off of the web along with multiple typefaces and color palettes to elicit a look and feel of security, technology, and discretion
Logo Design
Various iterations for the design of the logo
Packaging sketch
Initial concept for the package design
Tea tin
Using a tin from Japan that once held tea, I repurposed it for the tangible box experience for this project
Applying paint
Spray painting the tin
Shaping foam
Used 5 pound foam for the packaging insert
Priming the foam before painting
First draft
Initial design of app sync screen
First draft
Initial design of the "add lock" screen
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